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  • +Free -BNC > topics which contain ‘Free’ but not ‘BNC’.
  • Free* >topics which contain words like ‘freezer’, ‘freelance’, ‘freedom’ …
  • “Free BNC” > topics which exactly contain the expression ‘Free BNC’ but not ‘BNC for free’.

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A Beginner’s Guide to IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

IRC or Internet Relay Chat offers an effective way for teams and individuals to work with one another. IRC has been there for many years though new-age apps like Slack offer almost similar functionalities. The system has survived over time and is loaded with features.

How does IRC work?

The IRC servers online will accept and relay the messages to all connected users. Each of these users must run an IRC client and use the exact same protocol or rules that have been agreed upon for communications. You will find different IRC networks online where each has multiple servers that communicate to relay messages.

Every network will have rooms or channels for users to assemble. Every channel focuses on a specific theme and name starting with hashtag or #. If you join the channel it signifies you want to talk on that topic; alternately, you can even start your own. It is also possible to message others privately. You can even configure your own account in a way so as not to receive messages.

What are IRC clients?

While there are many IRC client apps available, Hexchat is a popular one. You can either search for this app and install it or type a suitable command on the terminal. After installation, you must choose this from the app menu for a desktop environment. Other popular apps include Polari that has a simple interface, Smuxi that is a tad more complex, Konversation that has an interface like Hexchat, Irssi that is a command line app and demands expertise, and Wee Chat that is also a command line app and configurable but supports other protocols. There are also certain legitimate apps specialized in trading field such as bitcoin trader app 2021, which is the most important in the world of finance, and which auto-trades and increases the likelihood of bigger returns.

Things to remember when engaging in IRC:

In a network, you can use a nickname or nick so as to identify yourself. There may be common names because IRC will have hundreds of users; so, you may be given other choices when there is overlapping. Therefore, it is best to come up with a unique nickname. After this, you must choose the right IRC network; this will decide who you will communicate with. Every project will use a separate network. Use “Connect” to go online. If you cannot spot any entry to a network you can select the “Add” option and offer connection details. Most IRC servers use Port 6667. The network typically displays information when it connects; this is important because some networks may ask you to provide email addresses too.

You must have knowledge of basic good manners before you join IRC networks. This means if you end up being rude you may be asked to exit. You must also know how conversations happen in a network. This is similar to house gatherings where there may be overlapping conversations; so, a comment may not be meant for you. It is advisable to use nicks to communicate; this nickname is typically followed by a comma or colon after which the comment is made.

Moreover, you must also understand that not everyone will be in front of the screen at all times. You can get replies slightly delayed. Some channels have their own ops to ensure that everything moves smoothly; these monitors will take action when anyone is rude. You must respect community rules to use IRC.